One of the villa options in Bali is to fill a series of aesthetic villas that you can visit with your family. Not only as a place to stay, this villa can also be used as a venue for anti-mainstream weddings. The experience you will get is of course very different from the various existing facilities. One of the Bali villa wedding venue provides a variety of attractive and complete facilities for you. Let’s take a peek below!

1. The Clifftop Area

This  villa has a very aesthetic area to serve as a photo spot in Bali. You will have an unforgettable experience because there is a deck built on a rock and underneath the white sand and the blue sea. To get down to the beach, you just need to go down the stairs or climb the car for 2 minutes. No need to worry when taking pictures in this area as there are neat fences along the deck.

2. Available space

Consists of several rooms that are suitable for your various activities and of course very comfortable. There are indoor and outdoor areas from this wedding villa, so you can hold parties in both places. In the indoor area, there is a very soft and comfortable sofa and there are chairs for sunbathing in the outside area. Private wedding parties can also be held in the private pool area in the villa, making it more aesthetic.

3. Dining Room

As mentioned earlier, there are two areas within the villa. Indoors, there is space for 10 people while outside can be used for larger parties. Private wedding parties can be held in the outside area with additional tables or chairs for invited guests to sit. The food served is quite diverse, but you can also enjoy local culinary delights, such as babi guling and a variety of fresh seafood dishes.

4. Private Swimming Pool

Swimming in Bali is certainly desired by many people because the island of the Gods is one of the best choices you can get. You can enjoy a private pool at this Bali villa with a very attractive concept. Around it are beautifully crafted ataman and gorgeous fences. The event you are holding will feel very intimate and anti-mainstream with a view that is presented by The Surga Villa Estate.

One of the villas in Bali that you must visit when you are with your family or partner, Surga Villa One provides many interesting experiences. You can have a private party in this place with a large enough capacity and area. There are various facilities offered, such as a clifftop area, available space, dining room, and private swimming pool. The four of them are perfect spots for the concept of a private wedding party.

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